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Is your couch beginning to emit an unpleasant odor? Do you run a pet care business out of your home? Are your sneezing more often than usual? It could be because your furniture upholstery needs a good, professional, non-toxic cleaning by Upholstery Cleaning Seattle. Here we will discuss the myriad of reasons why having a certified professional furniture cleaning benefits your health and home.

Allergens, Molds, Mildews, Dust Mites and at Worse, Bed Bugs Can Inhabit Furniture Foam Over Time:

If you notice yourself sneezing and coughing more often, it could be because there is an excessive amount of living organisms in your sofa.

Allergens, Molds, Mildews, Dust Mites and at Worse, Bed Bugs Can Inhabit Furniture Foam Over Time :

While this can sound unpleasant, it is a natural process and unfortunate side effect of the fire retardant chemicals that are required by law to be applied to all furniture to make them safer in event of a fire. A deep cleaning will remove unwanted organisms from your couch and calm your allergies while giving you the assurance that you're sitting on a bug-free surface.

Unwanted Odors Are No Fun :

People and animals have healthy, natural oils on their skin that transfer to the surfaces we touch. This is a perfectly natural, good process that simply needs a reset overtime as one's furniture ages. Does your husband fall asleep on the couch sometimes after a long day? Do Fluffy and Fido enjoy sunning themselves where they can see out the window? A clean couch is better and healthier for everyone.

Professionally Certified Upholstery Cleaning Seattle Offers What Can't Be Bought in Stores :

No product found in stores does the job as well as a professional furniture cleaning company with necessary machinery. Do the job once and well for an affordable price and minimal effort on your part.

Upholstery cleaning creates healthy homes. Contact Evergreen now to get your upholstery cleaned!
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