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If you are looking to get every square inch of your rug cleaned from top to bottom, you will want to choose us. We have the tools and equipment to remove even the toughest stains, and you will, no doubt, be left with a house that appears nearly brand new.

From traditional carpets to expensive throw rugs, we’ll treat even the most delicate fabrics with respect.

We offer a specialized wool rug cleaning service that will revitalize your fabric in no time. In most cases, you will want to have your rugs cleaned every year or so. When dust and dirt are allowed to remain in the fibers for long periods of time, the color itself can fade. Likewise, mud and grime can ruin rugs beyond repair.

If you are trying to get rid of stains that have been in the rug for quite some time, you’ll need to hire a company that has access to cutting-edge cleaning technology.

Because we use specialized green chemicals, we can remove impurities rather quickly. From ketchup to ink to juice, each particular stain will likely require a calibrated plan of action. Once we have a handle on the scope of the project, we can give you an accurate price quote. Even the toughest jobs can usually be completed within only a few hours.

An Oriental rug cleaning, of course, may have to be accomplished by hand. This will prevent the edges from becoming unnecessarily worn down during the process. Navajo rugs and Afghani rugs will also require special attention.

If you are ultimately looking for a rug cleaning service in Seattle, you can count us at Evergreen to do the job right. Once your rug has been made vibrant once again, the entire residence will appear brighter. Our employees are always ready for action!

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