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Professionals understand that a carpet is cleaned according to what it's made of. A technique that will get one type of carpet wondrously clean will destroy another. For example, professional carpet cleaners like our carpet cleaning Seattle professionals wouldn’t shampoo a wool carpet, because this will strip it of its essential oils.

Shampooing would also probably wreck a delicate Oriental silk rug. We would probably dry clean this type of rug or very gently hand wash it. However, shampooing works well on carpets made of synthetic fabrics like nylon, acrylic and polyester. Our carpet steam cleaning service also works well on synthetic fabric rugs.

By the way, our carpet steam cleaning service doesn’t actually use steam to clean our customer's carpet. Hot water is actually used.

After the carpet is vacuumed and prepared, we apply hot water to it and vacuum up the dirty water. We may also add a detergent, though some carpets can come clean with just the hot water.

Shampooing a carpet is very much like shampooing a person’s hair. The shampoo is applied and then brushed and worked into the fibers. But instead of being rinsed away, the shampoo is allowed to dry and then vacuumed up with the loosened dirt.

Dry cleaning is another way to clean a carpet. During dry cleaning, our professionals brush a chemical into the rug and leave it for a time. During that time the dirt is attracted to the chemical and it can be vacuumed up easily. Besides Oriental rugs, this technique is good for carpets made out of the fibers of plants like bamboo, jute and sisal.

Our carpet cleaning Seattle professionals can also use dry foam to clean a carpet. It’s like dry cleaning, except foam is used. Again, the foam pulls the dirt to it, and at the end of the treatment both the foam and the dirt are vacuumed.

Homeowners with carpets that get a lot of traffic might also ask for encapsulation. This is a treatment that’s usually done between one deep cleaning and the next. This is when our professionals apply a chemical to the rug. This chemical converts the dirt in the carpet into crystals or encapsulates it. The crystals are then vacuumed up.

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